Friday, January 19, 2007

gluten-free at school

In seventh grade this year, there have been many food projects. So far this year, there has already been one in Science, English, Social Studies, and Spanish. Most of the time my teachers tell me in advance when we will be having food. For English, Science, and Spanish, each person brought in a food and shared it with everyone. A few times there has been wrapped candy which I recognize that I can have. For example there has been tootsie rolls and starburst that I have had from other people. In Spanish we had a week long project where everyone brought in a different food and shared it. It was a little annoying for me because I could only eat something on one of those days(the day that I brought in my food, meringues). There was one other person in the class who kept kosher, so she couldn't eat anything either. Although I wish that we both could have eaten the food, I was glad that someone was in a similar situation as me.


Gaile said...

I totally understand where you're coming from. A lot of us do. My coworkers celebrate birthdays at work by bringing in tons of food, and there's almost never anything I can eat. I have learned to bring my own on those days.

Dee - gluten free teen said...

I'm a senior in high school, recently diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity. I found your blog when I searched for travel tips.

It has definitely been a struggle when people eat things in school that I can't have. I try to always have snacks with me at school that I can eat when other people are eating. It helps a little..

A teen and her family's experiences living gluten-free.