Friday, August 8, 2008

Garden at the Cellar, Boston area restaurant

Hi -- I may have found another potential restaurant for a nice gluten free meal in the Boston area. A couple of weeks ago, we ate at the Garden at the Cellar, a small restaurant near Harvard Square in Cambridge MA. It focuses on preparing food made with local ingredients. There were four in our party, none of whom are gluten free and we had a delicious meal. However, the restaurant clearly knew what was in its food, and it is a restaurant with a small kitchen with a personal touch, so I asked our waitress if the restaurant could accommodate gluten free. She said absolutely -- in fact, she herself had celiac! She said that in addition to herself, the other staff could also help someone with celiac order a safe meal. Eating out is risky, but I think that a restaurant like this one, which prepares meals to order and has an emphasis on seeking out excellent local ingredients, is a good possibility. (And our waitress said the french fries were gluten free.)

A teen and her family's experiences living gluten-free.