Saturday, September 27, 2008

Daring Bakers September Challenge -- Lavash and Dip

This is my first Daring Bakers challenge. The challenge this month was to bake Lavash crackers and a vegan/gluten free dip to accompany it. We received the recipe for the Lavash (both wheat and gluten free versions) but could do anything with the dip, so long as it was vegan and gluten free.

I made the gluten free version of the Lavash, using Better Batter flour for the flour mix. I think that I didn't roll it quite thin enough -- also, the dough didn't rise at all!

My results were a bit mixed, to be honest. I think that the crackers were too chewy -- I don't know if this is because of the rising problem, or because the crackers weren't rolled thin enough.

For the dip, I made a quick Olive Tapenede. This is a really easy condiment that we make regularly in our "Magic Bullet," although I imagine you could use a food processor as well. Combine olives, capers and a bit of olive oil, and process. The rough proportions that I used are 1 part capers to 3 parts olives, with enough olive oil to liquify. If that is too salty for you, use fewer capers. (The tapenede is a great sauce for grilled fish as well).

Thanks to Shel from Musing From the Fishbowl and Natalie from Gluten A Go Go, for hosting this month.

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