Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Break Bars

Like all kids, I like candy and chocolate. There are lots of regular candies that are gluten free, but one thing that I didn't think I would be able to have again was a Kit Kat bar. But then I discovered (well, really my mom discovered) Break Bars!!!! These are gluten-free "chocolate covered four finger wafer bars" that look and taste just like Kit Kat bars. They are made by a company called Glutano which also makes a lot of other gluten-free products. We buy them in our local health food store, A New Leaf; some supermarkets also sell them. You can also find them on-line (google Glutano Break Bar to find some on-line stores). So, if you are missing Kit Kats, I suggest that you try Break Bars.

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Mike Eberhart said...

I'm pretty sure I have tried those at one time or another. If not, it was something quite similar, and yes they were much like eating a kit-kat type bar.

That's one type of dessert recipe I have not attempted to fabricate on my own yet. I'm not sure where to start on making those light center wafer pieces. But, I'll bet with some playing around and practice it could be done at home. Maybe later this year I'll get around to trying.

Thanks for the post and reviewing that product!

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