Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mini product roundup

Well, it has been a ridiculously long time since we have posted -- here are a few of the ready made products that we have discovered in the meantime.

Gluten free cheese ravioli -- This was a great find for us. Dietary Specialties makes plain, gluten free cheese ravioli -- no spinach or other green stuff involved. Our local health food store stocks it or you can order on line.

Chebe pizza crust -- We are fans of Chebe bread, and have used the mixes to make calzones and pizza. We also like the frozen roll and breadstick dough. Now, you can also get frozen dough rolled out in rectangles for making pizza. We like the chewy consistency of this dough as a base for pizza. The crusts come two to a package, and are rectangular. The package says that it serves 4 (assuming a half crust per person), but we find that one each is more realistic. These crusts do contain cheese, but for some reason I don't find them to taste as "cheesy" as the rolls -- so even if you haven't liked the Chebe rolls, it might be worth trying the pizza crusts.

KIND bars -- If you like dried fruit and nuts, you have to try these KIND bars -- I am addicted to the apricot/ macadamia nut flavor. There is one flavor that isn't gluten free (it has oat bran), but the others do say "gluten free" on the label. Available in health food stores, some Whole Foods and Amazon!

Amazon -- Amazon is a great resource for gluten free shopping. Many items are available for a significant discount and shipping is free once you spend $25. The catch is that many of the items are only available by the case. So, once you know that you like a product -- see if Amazon carries it. Amazon carries products from Gluten Free Pantry, Annies, Glutino, Pamela's, Bobs Red Mill, Bakery on Main Granola just to name a few. Try searching for "gluten free" in the grocery section.

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