Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Friendly Toast in Cambridge is Friendly Indeed

We were at The Friendly Toast in Kendall Square (Cambridge) last night and were really happy to see that they offer gluten free pancakes -- all kinds of decadent, gluten free pancakes, including chocolate chips, M and Ms (and blueberry too). You can get breakfast all day here too (including eggs). There are salads on the menu too, and apparently they have corn tortillas, so it is possible to get some sandwich fixings on a tortilla. The ambiance is a lot of fun -- take a look at the menu on their website for a preview.

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Anonymous said...

To whom it may concern,

I am not sure who to talk to, but I work at a new restaurant in downtown Manhattan. Our three menus combined is about 85 percent gluten free. We offer such favorites as gluten free mac and cheese, gluten free choclate cake, and even a gluten free fried chicken, plus several others. The name of the restaurant is The Pan American ( If you or anyone could help me know how to get the word out there about our delicious gluten free items it would be greatly appreciated. My name is Gregory Gudz you can contact me at 212-925-9225. Any help would be amazing.
Thank you
Gregory Gudz

A teen and her family's experiences living gluten-free.