Friday, July 4, 2008

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Today, I tried baking gluten free chocolate chip cookies using the classic Nestles Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe (off the back of the chocolate chip cookie bag). I used Better Batter flour instead of wheat flour, and used 2 teaspoons of vanilla instead of 1. (Better Batter is a premixed gluten free flour, that also includes the xanthum gum). They came out perfectly! I'm planning to bring them to a 4th of July picnic tonight, where there are no gluten free eaters at all, that's how good they are.

I've been using Better Batter flour for baking cakes, cookies and muffins for some time now, and find that it is a great substitute for all purpose wheat flour in these types of recipes. Check out their website for a lot of good recipes as well, including a very versatile recipe for the "World's Easiest Crescent Rolls." I've used this dough (with cottage cheese) to make rolls, chocolate rolls (using Nutella), pizza crusts, pot pie crusts, and cheese "hot pockets" -- yum. I have no financial or personal connection with the site -- I'm just glad to spread the word about a gf mix that really simplifies baking. (By the way, it is currently on sale at Amazon -- the shipping rates go down as you buy more product.)

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I Am Gluten Free said...

I've been wanting to try Better Batter. Thanks for reminding me!

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