Tuesday, February 20, 2007


A good gluten-free pizza is hard to find. It is especially hard for me to find because I don't like tomato sauce very much. When traveling and I need something portable, I will eat the Pizza by George (with tomato sauce) which is premade and individually wrapped, but when I am making a pizza, I much prefer having no sauce. Recently, I found two pizzas that I liked. One was a homemade pizza crust using Chebe mix, and one was a brown rice pizza crust by Natures' Hilights. I had them both without sauce which worked well. I also really like olives, so I put olives on top along with cheese. My mom found the Chebe recipe from the Delphi forum. (Note from my mom -- the recipe was posted by Bobbie, who has also posted some other great recipes, including the tortilla recipe we like -- thanks Bobbie!) The recipe is also at the recipe tab at this link http://www.connceliac.com/ The good thing about this crust is that you can hold it like a regular piece of pizza ( folded in you hands) without crumbling. One problem about the pizza was that it took a lot of rolling of the dough. The Nature Hilights pizza crust was premade and you just had to heat it up and put toppings on it. This crust was crunchy with a good flavor. One tip when making bot of these pizzas is to heat the crust then brush oil on the crust before adding toppings.

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